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Welcome to my blog, here I will be writing whatever I wish, after all, it is my blog.

Posts will be about tech and programming, but on the off chance I am a bit moody, there could be insane rants ending in tears and regrets.

I want to keep an online journal of whatever I am learning in the hopes that this will provide me with the extra motivation to continue. Update No it did not, motivation for writing is still at 0%

I am a Software Engineer at a financial institution, and that’s all I am allowed to say, honestly.

I am was the Lead iOS developer at Dennis Publishing, I mainly work on The Week and I also act as the point man for all things mobile. In the past I worked as an iOS developer at RedAnt before I quit got fired, before that I worked with some awesome people at The Other Media. I studied Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Leeds, although I enjoy learning on my own mainly by breaking stuff along the way.

I mess around in Python, Ruby on Rails and Android. I am currently deploying most of my stuff on Rackspace but I am slowly warming up to Amazon EC2 (this topic deserves a blog post). I hate all the recruiter spam on linkedin, I hate emails, I also hate the London tube during rush hour.

Some iOS Apps I have worked on (In no particular order) This list is wildly incomplete and out of date



The Other Media

Dead in the water projects

Are you still reading? Surely there are better things to do with your time than being here